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At Bixler Gardening & Design we specialize in low maintenance conifer landscape designs for year long beauty, with minimal maintenance.  By designing a landscaping with evergreens as a backbone for your garden space we ensure year round beauty that only gets better with age. 

Dwarf conifers are the stars of the evergreen group, including many unique varieties of chamaecyparis, aborvitie, cedars and junipers.  We can help you choose the right conifers to best compliment your space & needs.  With a wide range of sizes & growth rates conifers provide the perfect balance of beauty to compliment your home or business landscape.

Avdantages of Conifer Landscapes:

  • Low Maintenance -many maintain their shape and size with little intervention
  • Pest resistant
  • They add year-round interest
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Available in a wide variety of shapes
  • New foliage and cones can be as decorative as flowers
  • require little care once established

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